Accessible name for image links [F89]

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Possible Results

Test info

Test for Success Criterion 4.1.2


Checked Elements: a[@href] elements
This test checks, if a name for the link is provided by its title or content.

Short Description

The name of an a element is provided by the text associated with that element. This text provides a name for the link so users are able to understand the purpose of each link and can decide whether they want to follow it. The text associatetd with a link is the value of the title attribute, the text within the a element and the alt attribute if the link contains an image.

WCAG 2.0

Principle 4: Robust
Content must be robust enough that it can be interpreted reliably by a wide variety of user agents, including assistive technologies.
WCAG 2.0: Principle 4
Guideline 4.1: Compatible:
Maximize compatibility with current and future user agents, including assistive technologies.
Understanding Guideline 4.1
Success Criterion 4.1.2: Name, Role, Value (Level A)
For all user interface components (including but not limited to: form elements, links and components generated by scripts), the name and role can be programmatically determined ; states, properties, and values that can be set by the user can be programmatically set ; and notification of changes to these items is available to user agents , including assistive technologies . Note: This success criterion is primarily for Web authors who develop or script their own user interface components. For example, standard HTML controls already meet this success criterion when used according to specification.
Understanding: Success Criterion 4.1.2

Possible Results

Failed The name of the link can not be derived from the image

The link has no text content and no title, and the alt attribute of the contained image is empty or missing.

Failed Failure of F89 test

Failure of F89 test

Passed Link name is provided

The name of the link can be derived from the image