Provide link context [F63]

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Possible Results

Test info

Test for Success Criterion 2.4.4


Checked Elements: a
Failure of Success Criterion 2.4.4 due to providing link context only in content that is not related to the linkproviding link context

WCAG 2.0

Principle 2: Operable
User interface components and navigation must be operable. WCAG 2.0: Principle 2
Guideline 2.4: Navigable
Provide ways to help users navigate, find content, and determine where they are. Understanding Guideline 2.4
Success Criterion 2.4.4: Link Purpose (In Context) (Level A)
The purpose of each link can be determined from the link text alone or from the link text together with its programmatically determined link context, except where the purpose of the link would be ambiguous to users in general. Understanding: Success Criterion 2.4.4

Possible Results

Failed The purpose of the link is ambiguous

There are links with duplicate link texts and different link targets within the same context.

Failed The purpose of the link can not be determined by its context

The text provided by the link is a duplicate, but points to a different target than the first link, and at least one of the links does not have a programmatically determinable link context.

Passed F63-pass1